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Blue Ivy carried a $3000 Valentino bag to the Grammys

Blue Ivy carried a $3000 Valentino bag to the Grammys

Obviously, being the daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé would not mean you led a normal existence. In fact, it would be the complete opposite, FYI.

Not only would your famous parent’s every move be documented by the ever-watchful eyes of the world but your moves and the moves of your younger twin siblings would be too.

This must be why we’re all so obsessed with knowing exactly what Blue Ivywears and how much it costs. Case in point: the young Carter’s Grammy accessory, a Valentino heart shaped Rockstud Carry Secrets Leather Clutch.

Blue chose an all-white pantsuit with glittering silver shoes for the 60th annual Grammy Awards but it was the Valentino bag which really stole the show, especially considering it retails for just over AU$3,000.

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