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Luxururious winter skin products

Luxururious winter skin products

Your skin hates winter. It hates dry air, central heating, the alcohol you swill at festive parties and the icy walk home, too. The joy of this is, though, that you can enjoy the luxury of an old-fashioned face cream, morning and night, along with a little massage of your favourite oil. It’s a chance to feel like you’re feeding your skin, nursing it back to the glossy glow you have evidence of in selfies from June.

Floral dressing in the cold months has been made easier with the arrival of the winter floral print in every high street near you. A winter floral – you’ve seen it, even if you didn’t know the name – is a pale, spriggy flower against a dark background. Which isn’t, the observant among you may well have noticed, the kind of floral I’m wearing in the picture to the right promoting the wearing of florals in winter. Because as discussed, why be obvious?

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