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Silky robes and latex gloves: why Nigella is my style goddess

Silky robes and latex gloves: why Nigella is my style goddess

Ialready own the must-have fashion trophy item of this season. What’s more, I’ve had it for years. Sorry to boast, terribly bad form, but giving myself a pass this time for reasons that will become clear. It’s not the sparkly, £6,855 Saint Laurent boots or the Dior beret, but the £65 dressing gown that Nigella Lawson has worn in both of the first two episodes of her new BBC2 series At My Table, first to eat midnight-feast brownies and then to cook breakfast waffles. Nigella’s semi-sheer One Hundred Stars robe features a map of Venice, whereas mine is, somehow inevitably, has a slightly more prosaic map of London – but it is the closest I have ever come to emulating my heroine.

Twenty years after her first book, Nigella’s goddess status no longer requires the domestic caveat. She is a scandal survivor, a national treasure – not just the patron saint of the cupcake. And she is also a blue-chip British style icon. After all, not for nothing did Lawson’s cookery writing start in the pages of Vogue. She has never been cutting edge – even when she featured on the cover of Vogue in 2014, she did so in a jade green cocktail dress that looked more Downton Abbey than Dover Street Market – but she has a strong, recognisable look. The young Nigella was a society beauty, but she only became properly famous in her 30s. One of the reasons why many women identify with her is that, unusually for a woman in the public eye, she has always been a grown-up pin-up. The cover of her new book, also called At My Table, features Lawson in the same silhouette she wore on the cover of Vogue: a lushly draped, scooped neckline halfway between yummy mummy and John Singer Sargent’s Madame X.Read more at:peach bridesmaid dresses | short bridesmaid dresses

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