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Tiny but powerful: Meet the fashion kids of Instagram

Ivan has a wardrobe that would make any aficionado weep. His collection includes pieces from Balenciaga, Off-White, Supreme, Undercover and Vêtements, the Parisian fashion collective whose oversized hoodies and DHL shirts have become credibility dog whistles for streetwear fans. ‘It’s my dream to work with them one day,’ he says. One of his outfits for the Paris couture shows in July consisted of a Vêtements denim jumpsuit with a Gap T-shirt, red bandana, Kuboraum sunglasses and Air Jordan trainers. But his wish list of future acquisitions nods towards Avenue Montaigne.

‘Right now, I really want a Dior “We should all be feminists” T-shirt. The white one. And their vintage blue ski mask.’

Jewellery and fashion designer Natasha Zinko looks towards her son and smiles. ‘We’ll see,’ she says. ‘It depends if he’s a good boy in school.’ Because Ivan isn’t an editor, a designer or even an intern...

The Get Down

Set in the 70s in New York, The Get Down depicts the birth of hip-hop and is brimming with fabulous style inspiration. From the trainers and varsity jackets donned by the male characters (which are equally as covetable for female watchers), to the midriff-baring tops and high-waisted flared jeans worn by the show's leading ladies, there's no shortage of uber-cool, inspirational looks.

Since the release of the show last august, popularity for varsity jackets has grown, with red styles proving the favourite, closely followed by green. In august alone, Lyst witnessed an 22% increase in searches for letterman style jackets from the previous month.

Puma trainers have also witnessed a revival, with the red suede variation that features in The Get Down triggering 15,000 global searches in the 30 days following the release of the show.

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