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Greta Kate on what you should know before your first wedding dress fittin

Take this to your first fitting.

“I love a bride who will take a few risks,” says Greta Rumsby, the founder of Adelaide-based bridal label Greta Kate. “I just want her to feel absolutely incredible on one of the most important days of her life,” she adds, even if that might mean being open to taking a few risks here and there.

Speaking to Rumsby ahead of the Adelaide Fashion Festival, which Vogue is partnering with to bring you Vogue Fashion Festival, she tells us she is working on her fourth bridal range which is launching on this year's runway. Rumsby studied fashion design before starting Greta Kate, a label she says focuses on an "effortless and uncontrived take on the traditional bridal gown."

“Fabrics are my inspiration for new ranges, and we use an experimental approach to developing new styles. We specialise in sourcing beautiful, textural fabrics from around the world,” Rumsby says.

The brand focuses on one annual bridal range, launching a capsule of 12-15 gowns each October to align with Adelaide Fashion Festival. “Adelaide is beautiful and in my opinion underrated. It may be a slightly smaller city, but it has a wonderful fashion community. I love being a designer in Adelaide for the culture, the people and let’s face it, you can run a business from anywhere in the world and I couldn’t think of a better place than my home town.”

For those considering the Adelaide-based brand for their own nuptials, Rumsby says Greta Kate is very much for the modern woman who wants to be a classic bride. She adds her best advice for finding your perfect-day dress applies to that first fitting – "trust the professionals and their gut instincts."

"Stick to what you feel good in and don't be influenced by too many opinions from others." Pay attention to how you really feel in each gown, and concentrate mostly on that feeling, as well as the opinion of the designer, who really is there to help you find the one. "I will always be honest with my clients as I want my brides, and my label, of course, to look stunning. If you feel amazing on your wedding day, you will glow and that is what is important," Rumsby says.

“The most important part I think Greta Kate can play is creating a special memorable gown experience from the first consult to the last.”

“The journey should be enjoyed just as much as the actual day.”.

See more trends at Adelaide Fashion Festival presented by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide from October 11-15.

Photography: Mark Dohring of Bentinmarcs

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