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Stella Maxwell on what really happens backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The Angel shares what goes on behind-the-scenes.

  When speaking with Max Factor ambassador Stella Maxwell it’s basically impossible not to ask about her career as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Quizzing the Belgium-born Irish model, who earnt her wings back in 2015, on all-things VS, she revealed what really happens backstage.

  “[Last year] Lady Gaga came backstage when we were still getting ready and getting our make-up done. And I think I was with Tom Pecheux, getting my eyeliner finished, and she came backstage and started singing her new song, that we were going to walk to,” she says. “[We were] singing in our pink robes … and everyone was so happy and singing along. And [Lady Gaga] was hugging us all and it was like a really nice experience.”

  “It’s just a special experience. It’s really unique,” Maxwell adds, speaking of the annual VS Fashion Show. “There are not many girls who get to do it and we’re all friendly and we all have fun with them at the show. You’re walking with amazing musicians and you get to meet them and hang out with them.”

  “It’s something that it’s even hard to describe in, a few words. It’s one of the best jobs to ever have. They celebrate you and they put you on a pedestal. So I think it’s a special thing and I just got really lucky to have it.”

  Speaking ahead of the launch of Max Factor’s 2000 Calorie Curl Addict Mascara in August, Maxwell says she’s all about the Angel bonding, citing ex-VS Angel Miranda Kerr as someone she seeks advice from.

  “Miranda Kerr was someone I looked up to. I just did a show with her. I did a Moschino show in LA, and she was literally right behind me and she was so sweet. They all inspire me and they all kind of look after each other which is important.”

  Maxwell also confirmed she’s already in training for the 2017 show. “I work out all year round, so I’m kind of preparing for everything at all times. We’re shooting a lot of their campaigns and fragrances all year round, so I always try to stay on top of it. And you also don’t want to torture your body right before.”

  “I think it’s better to plan the situation throughout the year.”

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