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Vania Romoff’s Latest Collab Is a Celebration of Femininity via Local Prints and Florals

Filipino designer Vania Romoff collaborated with Plains & Prints for another capsule collection. Known for her romantic and feminine designs, the brand reached out to Vania to inject her style onto the collection.

“After working with so many designers in the past, we wanted a different approach,” said Roxanne Farillas, vice-president of Plains & Prints. “Vania’s known for her femininity. It’s still a mix of Plains & Prints, but you’ll still see her style in the collection. You’ll really see her personality in it.”

The 12-piece collection features functional clothing for the everyday woman. When we got a first look of the collab, I saw romantic blouses, airy day dresses, lightweight trousers, and vibrant pieces inspired by local influences. It was like seeing our version of springtime, especially with the floral prints. Even those who aren’t into feminine pieces might be drawn to them.

When asked how it’s different from her previous capsule collection with Plains & Prints, Vania said the designs are pulled from local influences.

“[I was] inspired by local flora and art work. There are also batik and ikat prints, and the bougainvillea is also evident in a lot of the pieces,” Vania explained. “A lot of it has a happy vibe. It’s very relaxed, wearable, and fun. It’s a very lighthearted collection.” And, as Roxanne said, you’ll see Vania’s penchant for dainty ribbons and delicate embellishments, and a hint of drama with how the fabric moves.

“The general feel of my collection is always feminine. I like to do a lot of skirts and flounces, always accentuating the waistline,” Vania said. “I don’t make dresses that are too avant-garde, they’re made for every type of woman. They’re not too sexy and not too complicated.”

The Plains & Prints x Vania Romoff collection will launch in select stores and online (their website, Zalora PH, and Amazon US) starting July 6. It’ll be available nationwide on July 15.

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