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Five Fashionable Windows

Saks Fifth Avenue Honors Amazon Shows With Five Fashionable Windows

When you’re working on a TV show that gathers buzz and a few awards since its premiere, borrowing clothes gets a lot easier: Consider the pleated black jacket Malcolm McDowell was wearing at Saks Fifth Avenue on Thursday evening. “It’s Issey Miyake,” explained Katie Riley, costume designer for Mozart in the Jungle, in which McDowell stars; the Golden Globe-winning series kicked off filming for its fourth season this week. “We’re using a few of his things this season, and he’s been very generous with us,” Riley said of the Japanese designer.

“Katie takes good care of me,” McDowell noted. “And she doesn’t like to spend money, this one. She’s very careful with her budget. I’ll say, ‘How did you get me jeans by James Perse, they’re $600!’ And she’ll say, ‘Oh, I got them on sale, 60 bucks.’ She’s brilliant.”

Riley’s work on Mozart, together with four other Amazon shows — Transparent, Patriot, The Man in the High Castle, and Z: The Beginning of Everything — have captured the spotlight in five windows at Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York flagship as part of an Emmys For Your Consideration promotion, with each display marrying costumes and production design from each series with current-season fashion. “They’re really honoring the genius of people like Katie, who do so much with so little,” McDowell said on the red carpet, which preceded a cocktail party on Saks’ second floor. The windows will be on display through Thursday, June 29.

The decision by the upscale retailer to highlight shows featuring often-unconventional storylines was an easy one, said Mark Briggs, chief creative officer for Saks Fifth Avenue. “One of the key things to understand is that we constantly try to push the boundaries and merge the retail experience with today’s lifestyle experience,” he said. “These five shows offer you something very, very different, and we wanted to mirror that. At the end of the day, the world is a very different place now, and we wanted to capture the essence of these stories within each window while showcasing both fashion and design.”

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