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Going up

Coach x Rodarte Specifically the sequinned biker. Dreamy.

Naki Depass Everywhere at the AW17 shows. Google her now.

Acne Bla Konst No, this is not the new hygge, it’s Acne’s reworked jeans collection. Refined to three styles – baggy, straight and skinny – that’s the kind of minimalism we can get behind.

The dressing-to-match-art Insta Any inspiration for how to look more like a Jeff Koons sculpture is welcome.

ByOcular New glasses line launched by retail genius Caren Downie, ex-Finery. Think the artiest take on specs. We like the Boffin shape - clever in both name and style.

Withnail & I Forget Camberwell carrots. Celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary in great coats, foppish shirts and unkempt hair. Delightful weekend in the country optional.

Going down

Brooklyn Beckham’s first tattoo We weren’t expecting a picture of a Native American chief.

Pet hair watches We love pets. But harvesting their fur for a personalised timepiece? Not so much.

Kendall Jenner’s ‘jeans’ Deconstruction taken to its logical point or just frightful?

Avocados Avocaderia – an avo-dedicated restaurant – has opened in Brooklyn. When something sounds like a Kimmy Schmidt storyline you know it’s over.

Charcoal Copper is our bathroom cabinet mineral. Appaz helps increase collagen in skin.

Kale Brussels sprouts are the thing now, according to Harry Styles.

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