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Mother-of-two convinced she had pancreatic cancer after googling her symptom died from the disease after ten months of being dismissed by doctors

A mother-of-two convinced she had pancreatic cancer died from the disease after 10 months of having her fears dismissed by doctors.

Andrea Charlesworth, 43, from Ilkeston in Derbyshire began suffering from stomach pains in April last year.


When she researched her symptoms on Google and began to believe that she had either ovarian or pancreatic cancer and went straight to her doctor.


But after tests for ovarian cancer were negative and she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, her family thought there was nothing too serious to worry about.


When Andrea's health deteriorated doctors dealt with the two blood clots on her lungs but never managed to diagnose the underlying problem.


And just a week before she died in January when she was bed-bound, an NHS helpline adviser suggested she get up and do some exercise.


Far from being able to get out of bed, within six days her mother Glynis, 61, and sister Amy Charlesworth, 26, had found her dead at her home.


Amy said: 'It's a heart-breaking situation thinking she knew what it was for all that time.


'We are just trying to make something positive out of a terrible situation.'


Andrea didn't open the door when Glynis and Amy went to pick her up for a scheduled hospital appointment to treat her blood clot.


When they finally got a spare set of keys and made it in Andrea was in her bed and not breathing.


Screaming in horror, Amy ran into the street for help and called an ambulance but it was too late and neither CPR from a neighbour nor paramedics could save her.


Devastatingly, her post-mortem revealed she had been right all along. She had died from heart failure caused by pancreatic cancer.


Now her mother and sister are desperately raising awareness in the hope that the same tragedy will not strike another family.


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Andrea leaves behind a daughter Leah, 16, a son Luke, 23, and a one-year-old grandson Lucas, as well as a large family including her two brothers Adrian 41, and Aaron, 31.


Amy, who is doing a sponsored 10k next week to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action, said: 'People aren't educated well enough about pancreatic cancer.


'Although it's more common in older people, it can strike young women and we want to help people realise that.


'No-one else should have to go through what Andrea did.


'A test suggested there was a high chance of cancer and Andrea became hysterical.


'But an emergency ultrasound revealed she didn't have ovarian cancer and ultimately she was never diagnosed with any kind of cancer.


'Her laugh was unmistakable and she was well-known and well-liked by everyone.


'But most of all she was a kind and loving mum and grandma and that's been taken away now.'

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