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Lucy Watson: 'I've endured years of crying, losing weight and ruining myself in horrendous relationships' MIC star unveils dating guide to help women avoid mistakes she's made and 'never be played again'

She may have shot to fame on Made In Chelsea as a self-proclaimed 'player' known for her hilariously cutting rejections and cold-hearted attitude but Lucy Watson says she has a more sensitive side and wants her fans to see that.

The 24-year-old reality TV star has opened her heart and penned a dating guide, which she promises will be the modern girl’s no-holds-barred guide to 21st century dating, relationships and break-ups.


Speaking to MailOnline about The Dating Game, she said: 'I haven't seen any book out there for girls, it's ridiculous. I've had quite a few relationships at a young age and I wish I'd had someone to give me advice. My book is like an older sister.'


Lucy promises that her £12.99 book will give you the answers that your friends can’t, many of them learnt the hard way, as well as rules for first dates, social media, playing hard to get and relationship do’s and don’ts.


'I've learnt a lot and I want to give women the strength to do the right things. There's some funny stories in there from my past experiences and it's all extremely open and honest.'


While she appears thick-skinned on the E4 show, Lucy says that she's been left broken-hearted by past relationships.


'I have stayed in horrendous relationships,' she confessed. 'I've endured years of crying, losing weight, low confidence and ruined myself. I wish I had been stronger.


'I wish I had realised the right time to say to someone, "No, you're not good enough."


'I'm actually a real romantic at heart and I'll do whatever it takes to be with someone that I love.'


The book, which will hit shelves on May 22, will guide readers through the perilous world of first dates, falling in love, break-ups and the emotional minefield of exes, but most importantly how a strong woman playing the game should never be played - something Lucy now knows all about.


'Guys are really crafty and good at trickery; I don't want girls to fall for that,' she said.


Sharing her top tips for pulling a guy, Lucy said: 'A guy should always approach a girl and desperation is the biggest turn-off ever.


'Meet a guy somewhere other than in a club, you can't hear what they're saying and they're only interested in what you look like.


'Less is definitely more and caked on make-up is not attractive.'


One relationship Lucy is bound to open up about in the book is her on-off fling with co-star Jamie Laing.


On Wednesday's episode the pair had a heated discussion about the Candy Kitten’s entrepreneur’s recent behaviour.


Meeting in a local café, a disgruntled Lucy had plenty to say about Jamie’s indiscretions during a trip to Miami with pal Spencer.




‘You said you loved me and you acted in a completely different way,’ she said. ‘I know if I said I loved someone I wouldn’t make another gesture and go away and sleep with other girls.’


Jamie responded: ‘I completely appreciate that me going to Miami and sleeping with another girl is going to hurt you.'


Lucy added: ‘You shouldn’t throw around the word love.’


Jamie looked bemused: ‘Why not?’


She replied: ‘Because you shouldn’t say it if you don’t mean it.’


It's no wonder Lucy Watson has penned a dating guide. Between Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing, she's definitely kissed her fair share of frogs. But it's her fashion tips we really want to know and luckily, she's also got a virtual style guide on the go.


She sure does love a striped blazer, doesn't she? Only last week, Lucy appeared on the This Morning sofa wearing a nautical navy number by Bershka, but this time she went back to black and white. Her collarless wrap back jacket might look very like a Balmain blazer we were eyeing up not so long ago, but it's actually from River Island, and you can buy it by clicking (right) now.


This bold blazer would look great layered over your best little black dress, but would also add structure to some distressed boyfriend jeans and ballet pumps. The choice is yours, but either way you really can't go wrong.


And while you're shopping around, you might as well check out the four other striped blazers we've found. Lucy would surely approve of this Alice and Olivia option at The Outnet - very Chelsea chic!

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