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Taylor Swift: Stunning Blue Eyes & Red Lips At ACM Awards

Primary colors! Who said blue and red clash? Taylor pulled off her latest beauty look flawlessly at the 2014 ACM Awards, held in Las Vegas on April 6.

Taylor Swift, 24, looked stunning at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas, NV on April 6. Her adorable short hair, which she cut in London on Feb. 11, was styled in messy waves and looked perfect. Even more than her hair, we were loving her makeup! Get her beauty look below.


Taylor Swift At Academy Of Country Music Awards — Cool Blue Eyeliner


This is one of our favorite looks on Taylor ever!


She rocked a red lip, her signature look, but the shade was slightly different — not a true red like she normally wears. The slightly lighter shade looked awesome!


Against her blue eyes, she wore black and blue eyeliner — the pop of color on the eyes was big tonight. Kacey Musgraves and Kimberly Schlapman also wore shades of blue in their eye makeup.


How To Get Taylor Swift’s Makeup At 2014 ACM Awards



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To get Taylor’s fab eye look, try Trish McEvoy’s gel eyeliner pencil in Arabian Nights. ”It’s a fabulous purplish blue color with real pop,” makeup artist Lorrie Turk told Pret-a-Porter in January.


Lorrie actually used this exact pencil on Taylor for the 2014 Grammy Awards and I think it totally works again for this look!


After applying a blue eyeshadow, line the top of your lids with black pencil. Go over the black pencil with the blue eyeliner. Apply the blue under your eyes, starting from the inside and going out towards the outer corner. Pull it up slightly to create a cat eye effect.


Use the other end of the pencil, which is a sponge, to blend slightly and create a sexy, smokey effect.

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