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How to get the look: Outfit revivers


Meh, February… what a dull sort of month you are.

Yep, it's that miserable, indeterminate time of year again, when you're ready to inject some springtime novelty into your wardrobe but the weather isn't playing ball. Praise be, then, for the revivifying accessory.

Ah yes, the mythical teeny tweak that transforms an outfit. Does that exist?

Sure. Take a pair of jeans and a plain black sweater. So far, so vanilla. Add this floral necklace from Tory Burch and suddenly you have understated but unmistakable contemporary chic. Personally, I think the zingy coral shade would perk up a bit of grey jersey a treat.

Wow. I agree but, er, it would actually be cheaper to buy a whole new outfit.

Fair point. I'd avoid most statement jewellery if you haven't much cash, unless the statement you want to make is "I'm on a budget" – hardware such as jewellery tends to wear its cheap origins on its (tarnished metal) sleeve. Instead, go for a scarf that's light enough to keep on indoors, so you get maximum wearing opportunity – & Other Stories has a great knitted-cotton leopard-print one with a striped border that mixes playful and preppy.

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