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Lorde Transforms Into A Modern-Day Princess For ‘Vogue’ Shoot


Lorde,17, traded in her signature attire for a pretty pop of color as she rocks a beautiful pastel dress in Vogue. With her gorgeous black curls in tow, the young starlet looks ready for spring — and truly more ‘Royal’ than we could’ve ever imagined!


Lorde’s ‘Vogue’ Shoot:


At just 17 finding yourself on the top of the charts is an amazing accomplishment — and so is a shoot in the high-fashion magazine! We love how she showed off a whimsical look for the spring feature, donning a floral crown. Inside, the songstress opened up about her sense of style. “The kind of clothes that I’ve found I like to wear over the past year and six month have all been things that make me feel powerful and strong,” she said. “I wear a lot of pants I wear a lot of long structure dresses.”


(Image: black bridesmaid dress)


While her style may be evolving, we are glad to see that her signature curls and bold eyebrows are still a staple for the singer. Her makeup for this look was kept simple as she rocked a pink lip, smoky eye and a hint of pink blush — it was perfect for the teen!


Lorde also opened up about her style icons, sighting, “People like Grace Jones and David Bowie, who have a sense of themselves.”


As for being a role model, the star says she is conscious of her fans. “There’s a fine line between role model and preaching to people. I never want to tell anyone how they should be, especially not someone my age. But, that being said, I’m conscious of the fact that people my age are reading what I say and listening to what I say, and that’s cool-particularly for the girls who are into what I do,” she said.

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