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Kate Hudson & Her Sons Star In Ann Taylor Campaign For Spring


Kate Hudson, 34, is always on our radar as a gorgeous star with a great sense of style — and so far we can’t get enough of her Ann Taylor campaigns! Kate’s keeping it in the family, bringing her adorable sons to the set — and she looks so happy, showing off what a multi-tasking mom she is. See how down-to-earth and casual the stunning actress looks posing with her favorite little boys.


Kate Hudson’s Sons — Ann Taylor Campaign:


(Image: queenie girls bridesmaid dresses )


The campaign shoot commenced with just a director’s chair, Kate, and her adorable boys. Kate looked flawless in neutrals posing with her two sons Ryder and Bing. The unique theme of the shoot revolved around a Hollywood movie set. What better person to be in the campaign than such a talented actress? Kate oozes charm in every movie she’s in and we love watching her on the big screen!


The Ann Taylor campaign is a “little bit of heaven” for many women. It brings back life and style into a mature yet versatile wardrobe. Kate happily wears her favorite Spring 2014 Ann Taylor looks and exclusively tells HollywoodLife what she really likes about the brand. She states: “That’s what I love about Ann Taylor, great style that fits. Ann Taylor is for all of us.”


From effortless dresses that can easily go from desk to dinner to statement accessories, we can’t get enough of the latest line — and we love Kate in the looks!

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