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Is L’Oréal Paris' Elvive Fibrology going to thicken our hair?


According to L'Oréal, 40 per cent of women in the UK struggle with fine hair, while most of us will suffer with some kind of hair thinning after the age of 30. In response, the brand has developed Elvive Fibrology which promises to put up the fight with Sol-Gel chemistry - the very same process used in the glass and automobile industry to repair cracked windscreens.


Yes it sounds weird, but it also sounds technical and that's exactly what we like when it comes to anti-ageing. Applying Sol-Gel chemistry, (which more specifically refers to the process by which a liquid turns into a solid in a moist atmosphere) to cosmetics is a breakthrough for L'Oréal, after studying the technique in collaboration with the University of Jussieu for 17 years.


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Making its way to the bottles of shampoo, conditioner and serum in L'Oréal's Elvive Fibrology range, the process now involves an active ingredient called Filloxane, which, when it comes into contact with wet hair, forms bonds with proteins and the hair shaft. As your hair dries, the Filloxane stays buried within each hair fibre, gradually linking the existing filaments (which bundle together to create what is known as a 'microfibril') together to form a thicker, stiffer, bulkier network inside each hair strand; they're calling this process 'fibrology.'


Scientists have cited a 60 per cent increase in hair strand width, and also said that the effect would last for up to 10 washes. Plus, the more you use the range, the thicker your hair gets; "the Filloxane penetrates individual hair strands, and stays there wash after wash giving fine hair more body, more volume and most importantly more thickness," says L'Oreal.


L'Oréal expects to publish their findings later this year, by which time our hair should be 60 per cent fuller.

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