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Fifth Harmony Teams Up With Jovani For Prom Season

The winners of X-Factor, Fifth Harmony, are modeling the hottest new trends for prom in the new 2014 campaign for Jovani — and they all look absolutely stunning! The ad is adorable as all the girls are photographed in roller skates wearing amazing designs from Jovani, in all different styles: short, poofy, cutouts, long, silk, strapless — they’re all gorgeous! Aside from the girls looking fabulous in the beautiful dresses, you can win the chance to have them perform at your prom — how exciting is that?


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Fifth Harmony’s Jovani Campaign & Prom Contest:

What a great idea to have the teenage girls of Fifth Harmony be the faces of the 2014 Jovani campaign — as they are all in the prom age-range! “Fifth Harmony represents girls all across the country and gives our consumers a chance to see someone that looks and represents them in some of their favorite Jovani dresses,” said design director Julie DuRocher. “Jovani is such a diverse brand in the fact that we have dresses that fit every type of personality, style and body shape. We don’t make dresses for just one type of girl; we make them for every girl.”


To WIN this special Jovani/Fifth Harmony concert fot your 2014 prom event, you have to do a few things! First, you have to get everyone at your school to vote HERE, (which shouldn’t be too hard because who doesn’t want Fifth Harmony to perform at their prom?), and then you have to follow the brand on Facebook & Instagram!

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