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Miley has a new 'do and other hair news


Blame it on the silly season or the 24-hour news cycle, but recent celebrity news seems to have an overrarching weekly theme. Last week was all about stars getting naked (here's looking at you Kate Moss' nipples and Lady Gaga's labia) and now it's all about hair.


Here are the five biggest stories stemming from the follicles of famous people:


Miley Cyrus has a new 'do


(Image: girls bridesmaid dresses )


Considering her hair is a barometre for her behaviour, Christmas is sure to be eventful for Billy Ray and co this year.


Ever since a photo of her cropped pixie cut nearly broke the internet earlier this year, the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana has been consistently overhauling her image, style and personality. We shall now watch with baited breath to see what Miley's new peroxide bob and baby blunt fringe has in store.


Kate Middleton got a $1080 haircut


and then debuted it like this...


After having a mild freak out because of few grey hairs (which the ladies mags took it upon themselves to notify us of) Kensington Palace went into panic mode and brought in Princess Di's old hair handyman, Rossano Ferretti to tend to the new mum's distressed tresses. The styling session reportedly took six hours and the haircut, which Ferretti described to Vanity Fair, was called the "Method" and done using handmade texturising scissors.


Obviously still a little tender from all the criticism, the Duchess has only unveiled the look on two occasions. The first was under a diamond tiara and the other was at the Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom premiere last week, where she wore a mini scrunchie and, from the eyebrows up, looked like she came from Pilates.


Sky Ferreria is now a model, singer and "muse"


Redken have announced Marc Jacobs' favourite blonde 'slashie' is their new Styling Muse, which is some good news for the DJ/model who has courted some serious drug related controversy of late.


"She has an incredible spirit and a style all her own. She has a story to tell, and she’s not afraid to tell it," Redken US' general manager Leslie Marino said.


"Sky embodies the energy of every New Yorker. NYC is a dynamic place where people come to reinvent themselves and share their story with the world."


Pamela Anderson is now a brunette pixie


She was once the world's most recognisable blonde in a red bathing suit but the formerBaywatch star has undergone a dramatic hair-volution in 2013.


First she cut off her locks before taking part in the 42km New York City Marathon (an event she participated in to raise funds for the Haitian Relief Organisation) and now she appears to be experimenting with the brunette colour chart.


Mitchell Johnson's facial hair is winning the Ashes


The fast-bowler is the best form of his life, so what's changed? No, he hasn't pulled a Peter Siddle and become a vegan, he's taken a leaf out of Dennis Lillee's style handbook and grown a mo. During the Brisbane and Adelaide tests he was looking as foxy as Lillee back in the day, however before things kick off in Perth can we request a trim please Mitch? You're about 0.1mm off Boonie.

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