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Lady Gaga Poses Completely Naked In Full Frontal Cover For ‘Candy’ Magazine


Lady Gaga is no stranger to either stripping down or suiting up in a gender-bending role, but the 27-year-old combined the two for the cover of Candy magazine, where she’s covered in nothing but fur and tattoos in a full frontal shot. Candy, the first “transversal” style magazine, has featured major stars on their cover, from the likes of James Franco and Jared Leto, (dressed in drag) — and now Gaga is joining the club!


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Lady Gaga ‘Candy’ Magazine Cover — She Goes Full Frontal:


The black and white image reveals every intimate inch of Gaga while she sports a fake mustache and looks off to the side with a painted scorpio covering her left breast and nipple. Queen of breaking all the rules, she completed the artsy photo shoot with heavy penciled in eyebrows and black lipstick. If she was uncomfortable showing so much skin it certainly doesn’t show — and we all know Gaga is comfortable in the skin she’s in!


While treating fans to an emotional performance during the American Music Choice Awards, Gaga made it clear that she does not care what anyone has to say about her body. The “Do What You Want” singer sang on top of a piano while hurtful articles scrolled behind her about her body image — and her latest cover solidifies the point she made during the performance.

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