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When Melania Trump met Brigitte Macron


If there was ever going to be another First Lady to out-glam Melania Trump, then Brigitte Macron was the woman for the mission.

Recently installed in the Elysee Palace, Macron has fast gained a reputation for her Louis Vuitton wardrobe, glossy Lob (that's long bob, by the way) and nonchalantly modern yet elegant way of putting a look together. Indeed, she has been hailed as having the credentials to reinvent notions of Parisian chic.

Mrs Trump's glamazon polish by now needs little introduction, but has been confirmed over the past week via a series of cinched-waist suits, ultra-feminine Dolce and Gabbana lace dresses and an unerring dedication to immaculate grooming as she has accompanied her husband on his first foreign tour.

So if the diplomatic stakes were high for the meetings of the Presidents of France and America this afternoon, then just imagine the meticulous planning which will have gone into prepping Macron and Trump for their wives summit.

In pure first impression terms, Melania Trump reigned supreme. She had chosen a custom-made beige leather suit by Belgian design house Maison Ullens for the Brussels meeting. Yes, 'leather' and 'beige', in front of all the world's cameras. Quite a feat. Paired with her carefully touselled, honey-hued locks and dazzling smile, the chances of anyone else getting a look in were about as tiny as the prospect of President Trump being able to hold his wife's hand for even one walk down a set of aeroplane steps.

There was hope yet though for Brigitte Macron who had once again been outfitted by Louis Vuitton, the French label with which she has become closely linked since she began frequently borrowing their pieces after meeting Delphine Arnault- Executive Vice President of the house- in 2014.

Opting for a chic LBD with a low slung, Vuitton-branded belt, Macron's tactic seemed to be that it was pointless trying to compete with Trump, instead taking the 'effortless' route, a word not in Melania's vocabulary. In many ways, it worked. She looked cool (especially with a monogrammed Vuitton 'Twist' bag slung over her shoulder) and not too-try-hard, qualities one could never pin against La Trump. Some observed that there was grumpy look about Macron's wife, perhaps not surprising given her own political differences with the American contingent.

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Louis Vuitton x Supreme


New York City Rejects Louis Vuitton x Supreme Pop-Up Store

When Supreme drops hit the streets, expect lines that reach the next block. If it’s the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab, expect that line to double. Residents of 25 Bond Street did and gave the collab pop-up store a big, fat “No.”

The Manhattan Community Board No. 2 decision read that it “strongly recommends denial” of the pop-up. Apparently, the board already received a storm of emails, expressing outrage against the store.

Furthermore, the community board said that the neither Louis Vuitton nor Supreme provided a sufficient plan to control the 1,000 expected customers nor properly inform surrounding business establishments of the desire to close off the street for the crowd. The board even stressed that the involved parties who failed to “articulate how this product launch will benefit the community in any way.” I guess, something like “Taking your #OOTD game to the next level” doesn’t count as a benefit to the community at large.

Lastly, the board also felt that before anyone tries to set up shop they must be able to prove that they can stop the “unnecessary disturbances that have been plaguing our community for years.”

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The final cut


The first Guardians Of The Galaxy came as a complete surprise to the general public. Even though it was a Marvel product but the Guardians of the Galaxy (though they have existed in comic books for close to 40 years in different iterations) don’t exactly ring a bell with the average movie goer unlike, say, Spider-Man, Superman or Batman.

Plus you had a leading man better known as a pudgy sidekick in TV and movies and a director coming from an indie background and no experience of helming a big-budget special effects laden extravaganza. But the movie’s fast-paced exuberance and irreverence coupled with a bunch of interesting characters, Pratt’s (boasting a newly gym-minted body) undeniable charm and insouciance and a killer soundtrack of 70s hits overcame some clunky storytelling to make GoTG a global box-office smash.

So could James Gunn and company live up to expectations? Surprisingly, not only do they meet expectations but exceed them. The laughs come thick and fast and there is plenty of character development. All the Guardians – Starlord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), the scene-and-heart stealing Baby Groot (Vin Diesel), and the surprise package of the movie, the literal-minded Drax (a much improved Dave Bautista) – get their moment to shine. Even other characters like Nebula (Karen Gillan) and Yondu (Michael Rooker) get effective story arcs and we are introduced to some intriguing new ones like Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Stakar (a surprise guest star). The action and effects are well-done (and the CGI team does an excellent job of de-aging Kurt Russell in the opening scene) and the 3-D is clearer and brighter and less distracting than usual. The pacing is smooth for the movie’s 2 and a quarter hour length and despite the 5 (yes, count ’em – five!) post-credit scenes, it doesn’t feel quite that long. Sure, the soundtrack doesn’t quite match up to the first movie’s but that’s a minor quibble because it is still pretty great.

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